Diabetic foot salvage

Group of University Professors and consultants

Our mission is to salvage diabetic feet

from the amputation


Do not succumb to amputation

Save your feet

Who we are

About Diabetic Foot Salvage - Egypt Foundation

Group of University Professors and consultants in the field of vascular and endovascular surgery with particular interest and exquisite experience in the management and salvage of Diabetic Foot .


Our Mission

Our mission is to salvage diabetic feet and fleet from the amputation destiny Furthermore spread knowledge and information to prevent diabetic foot complications before their mere occurrence among diabetic patients as well as practitioners and primary healthcare providers and specialists dealing with diabetic foot

Our Vision

- We are focused upon

  • Applying audiovisual and text flyers and lectures to educate diabetics about prevention of diabetes foot complications .
  • High lightening the importance and awarenence of early detection to lesions known to be hazardous and prone to complication .
  • Setting and applying the highest educational levels to all practioners in the diabetic foot field via lectures and certification form both the Egyptian universities as well as the universities across the globe in that particular field .
  • Setting and sharing and updating guidelines in the field of diabetes and diabetic foot intervention accustomed and tailored to our Egyptian pathology and management .
  •  Assisting and contributing in the international conferences linked to diabetic foot to share and acquire and exchange experience nationally and internationally .
  • Setting up an international suite with up to date equipment and facilities and tools to manage diabetic foot patients .

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